LE MUSEOL ambassador program was created to support the people who inspire us. Our ambassadors are inspiring bloggers, content creators, and anyone who loves our products and sharing with others! They help us to keep our finger on the pulse of their communities and provide us with invaluable feedback so that we can continue to improve and grow.

  • Personal discount on all products and orders

  • Cash commission on sales from your code or link

  • Discount code to share with your followers

  • Opportunity for content collaborations and rewards

  • Opportunity to establish a more rewarding partnership with ads and marketing

  • Access to exclusive information, sales, and product releases

Apply Here

Terms And Conditions

1. Please create a discount code unique to you. Do not enter a Le Museol promotional code found online or on an advertisement as your personal discount code. This will result in deactivation of your account, and render all commission earned with the code void.

2. Any ambassador codes found on coupon websites will be automatically disabled, and all pending commissions for the ambassador will be denied. The ambassador will have their account deactivated and be removed from the program.

3. Only share your code on your channels. Any ambassadors who share their code on Le Museol posts or ads will have their code deactivated.

4. Ambassadors whose discount codes have not been used, or do not share about Le Museol products on any form of media (instagram, tiktok, blog, youtube) for six consecutive months, will be removed from the program.

Applicant Requipments

Applicants should have the following:

- Must be on social media

- Content that reflects an interest in skincare, beauty, health & wellbeing, family, sports, blogging, home goods, lifestyle. It does not have to be the entirety of an ambassador's page, but we love to see it somewhere! (for example, occasional post or story highlights.)

- Genuine engagement on all content, regardless of follower count.

- Ability to create quality content- photos and videos are high quality and the page is aesthetic.

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